Terms of Service / Information

  • No refunds will be given
  • Opening a paypal dispute to any of our resellers is in direct violation of our TOS and will result in a permanent ban from Perplex Cheats services
  • If you purchase via a reseller you agree to their individual TOS as well as Perplex Cheats TOS
  • All licence keys sold by resellers are managed by the individual reseller and NOT by the admins at Perplex Cheats
  • If you are affiliated in any way with Rockstar Games or Take 2 Interactive you are not allowed to access Perplex Cheats site / services
  • Any abusive behavior on the site chat will result in your access being revoked
  • Tampering with our client software to bypass any security mechanism or to dismantle our client software will result in your access being revoked
  • Signing up to the site with a vpn active can result in your account being banned (after initial signup you are allowed to access our site with a vpn)
  • Any action to intentionally harm Perplex Cheats and it's services will result in your access being revoked

Acceptance of Terms Of Service

By signing up to this site (and or logging in), you are automaticly agreeing to our TOS

If you have used our cheats and break any of our TOS you're computer will be permently banned from accessing any of perplex cheats services


At Perplex Cheats we accept bitcoin as our primary payment method, but you can also pay with paypal via our resellers on the reseller page!

  • Bitcoin payments are accepted via our sites shoppy store, when the payment is received you will get an email with a licence key to redeem on your account
  • Paypal payments through our verified paypal sellers selly stores are automated and when payment is received a email is sent to you with a licence key that you can use to activate the chosen product on your account

Some Facts About Perplex

  • Since the launch of perplex, we have maintained the status as the most reliable & undetected mod menu for GTA online!
  • Perplex provides fast game updates, after the launch of the casino DLC for GTA online perplex was fully updated within a few hours!
  • We provide cheap packages, perplex is one of the only cheats to offer licence keys for as low as $5.00 USD!
  • Simple installation, perplex is the simplest cheat to install! just download our launcher from the website login and it will set everything up for you!